Prophecy on Egyptian Revolt


Source: AP

Little did anyone know what started out as a spark in Tunisia would eventually set uncontrollable fires in Egypt and elsewhere.

With the current trend, nothing much holds optimistic of Hosni Mubarak’s administration – under whom the Egypt kept friendly ties with Israel and the West all these years, and yet, what is worse, that this prospect is about to dramatically change, very soon – with, perhaps, other Arab states following the same.

This is important as the war mentioned in Psalm 83 – where modern day (at least we take it as such here) Egyptians, Saudis, Jordanians, Lebanese+ Hezbollah backed by Syria, Palestinians + Hamas and probably others attacking Israel – has become just more probable.

Let us examine recent events and the outlooks of them in the light of the Scriptures.

1. Current Egypt revolt is predicted in Isaiah 19. This is a finding by Bill Salus, and Salus, based on the Words, sees swirl of events to deteriorate rapidly in Egypt.

Isaiah 19:2-4 says:
2.  And I will set the Egyptians against the Egyptians: and they shall fight every one against his brother, and every one against his neighbour; city against city, and kingdom against kingdom.

3.  And the spirit of Egypt shall fail in the midst thereof; and I will destroy the counsel thereof: and they shall seek to the idols, and to the charmers, and to them that have familiar spirits, and to the wizards.
4.  And the Egyptians will I give over into the hand of a cruel lord; and a fierce king shall rule over them, saith the Lord, the LORD of hosts.

Further, Salus sees Isa.19:5-12 as a possible description for religious and economic strife falling on Egypt as a direct outcome for choosing to be involved in the future war of Psalm 83 against Israel, which is supported by Isa. 19:16-18 where Egypt will come to a point to be frightened by the presence of state of Israel due to the work of God through them.
(I, however, do not agree with Salus to take literal translation of ‘City of Destruction’ as seen in v. 18 – It’s likely that this refers to Egypt turning away from idolatry)

Now, this is not exaggerated at all. A case in point is miraculous 6 Day War back in 1967.
(Well there are so many miraculous testimonies in just about every big wars that Israel had ever since it was revived as a nation back in 1948.)

It was quite evident that Israel, back then, was in way, and way, unfavourable positions against coalition of Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Iraq. Yet, as seen with the Israeli capture of Egyptian outpost of Kusseima – where Egyptians were more than able to launch ferocious counterattacks at Israel – Egyptians, for no reasons, self- destroyed their equipment and fled in haste – making everything easier for Israeli troops.

Similar was seen with Israel vs Syria a few days later.

For it is written:

[Psalm 53:5] There they are in great fear where no fear was, For God has scattered the bones of him who encamps against you; You have put them to shame, Because God has despised them.

(See also 1 Samuel 14:15, 2 Chronicles 20:22-24, Isaiah 37:36)


Isaiah 17:13-14
13.  The nations will rush like the rushing of many waters; But God will rebuke them and they will flee far away, And be chased like the chaff of the mountains before the wind, Like a rolling thing before the whirlwind.
14.  Then behold, at eventide, trouble! And before the morning, he is no more. This is the portion of those who plunder us, And the lot of those who rob us.

Two things, however, to note with the quoted verses in Isaiah 19 – I) History tells that Egypt has gone through a lot of divisions and domestic conflicts – for instance especially after the 12th dynasty.
II) Events are chronological. (i.e, v 2 to be followed by v 3, then v 4). If so, then these are combined and that’s how we ought to look into this.  As for who the ‘cruel lord’ (v 4) is, there are a lot of views – either Cambyses, or Psammetichus or Nebuchadnezzar II (I’ll come back to him later) and so on.  But, I personally think, it would be most practical to understand this in the light of eschatology.

2. It was noted that Ezekiel 30 also, and possibly, gives the description of current turmoil in Egypt – I’m, however, for some reasons, reluctant to correlate the entire context of the chapter to the current event. If one must, I see perhaps two or more important factors to consider in conjunction with the quoted verses in Isaiah, then;

Ezekiel 30:4 – talks about how “the sword shall come upon Egypt”. It seems that some sees this as the Nebuchadnezzar II attacking Egypt (as supported by v 10) but this is somewhat unconvincing. (I’ll certainly come back on this below).  Funnily enough, what hit me was, as already noted by user name ‘AbeOwitz’ from one of the rapture forums, Islam is represented by ‘sword’. Could this verse be denoting the rise of Islam control in Egypt?
Well, Egypt, in fact, was and still is under Islamic influence (90% of population are Sunni Muslims) as we all know, but it was never ‘Islam-led’ or ‘Islam-controlled’.
There lies that big difference and we are about to see that big shift in the upcoming Egyptian politics, where it’s so probable that Muslim Brotherhood (call it MB) will lead.

Of course, Sunnis aren’t like Shiites as seen with Iran where Imams top the politics. But we must consider that;
a) Al-Qaeda is the extremist version of the Sunni,
b) MB leaders have been preaching that Sunnis and Shiites must unite in fighting against the West (ideologies that Islamic fundamentalists always employ in gathering them together),
c) majority of Egyptians supported the idea of endorsing Hamas and Islamic regime and
d) MB along with ElBaradei refused to negotiate with Mubarak and the MB made it clear that they want war with Israel (and demanded that gas export to Israel must come to halt – hmm, please refer to my previous post here), there is no point in just distinguishing branches of Islam with the current Egyptian revolt.

II) Now to Nebuchadnezzar II quoted in Ezekiel 30:10.  There seems to be a parallel between this and the ‘cruel lord’ mentioned in Isaiah 19:4.  Problem, however, is there is no concrete and historical evidence that Nebuchadnezzar II ever fully ‘conquered’ Egypt. Whether he really did conquer Egypt, or not, becomes of less importance if, and only if, the verse was actually foreshadowing and referring to the anti-Christ. Though it sounds bit farfetched, the reasons for that is Nebuchadnezzar II, as we know, is one of the prefigurements for the anti-Christ. To briefly outline the resemblances:

a) Nebuchadnezzar II’s kingdom was Babylon the Great (Symbolically parallel to Rev.17) and it was global
b) He was also the one who destroyed Jerusalem
c) Prophet Daniel directly pointed out that Nebuchadnezzar II himself (and his ‘global’ kingdom at the time) was the golden head of statue (symbolic representation of kingdoms of the Earth) that Nebuchadnezzar II dreamt. (Dan. 2:38-39)
d) Nebuchadnezzar II exalted himself above God – as seen with making a golden statue/image to be worshipped (Dan. 3) and equating himself and his god with the God (Dan 3:15). We also know whosoever didn’t worship the statue (image) were to be executed. (Parallel to Rev. 13:6-15)
e) Nebuchadnezzar II, of course, later became a ‘beast’ (possibly through insania zoanthropica) for seven years. (Dan. 4)

Of course, it’s hard to think that the anti-Christ will attack and take over Egypt. But just as how Prophet Daniel equated Nebuchadnezzar II with his own kingdom (Dan. 2:38-39), parallelism to be noted, if applicable, here is that the rise of fundamental Islamic movement will indeed become a supporting basis for anti-Christ to reign.

It is here I want you to turn your attention to Joel Richardson’s amazing findings that Mahdi – coming “messiah” in Islam – has all the features of anti-Christ in the Bible. For instance, Mahdi, emerging after great turmoil in the world, making 7 years peace treaty with the Jews, yet he will slaughter Jews later on, etc. Read more here.


3. I’d, personally, been refraining myself to refer Moab, Edom, Ammon as seen from the list of nations that will attack Israel in Psalm 83 as modern day Jordan – but now, that, perhaps, no longer needs to be the case. Now that King Abdullah has met with Jordan’s Islamic leaders who’ve been calling for swift political reform, the prospect that lies for Jordan is also uncertain.

Will Jordan also be Islam-led? Some points to consider:

I) As indicated above, it is pointless to distinguish Sunnis and Shiites – Try to look at the event from broader picture of Islamic movements unifying
II) Take Lebanon as an example – It didn’t take that long for the Christian country to turn itself into breeding pool for Islamic extremists and Hezbollah
III) Jordan did witness similar account earlier when they had accepted their Palestinian brothers (Palestinians, after all, are Arab refugees who could have been Trans-Jordanians) into Jordan (changed its name from Trans-Jordan in 1949). The result was Black September revolt by ‘Palestinians’ (aided by Syria later on) in Jordan as an attempt to overthrow King Hussein. (I see wikipedia’s account of this event quite biased – not pointing out ambitions of political control of Jordan by guerrilla groups)
Take current Egypt as an example.

With the current trend, it’s inevitable that Jordan, for it seems that it’s likely, will face with either of the following two scenarios:

A) King Abdullah to allow constitutional monarchy (as Jordan’s Muslim Brotherhood demands it) as means of compromising, but this will signal the king of Jordan becoming a ‘puppet’ for Islamic militants. (and may end up like Iran) The King won’t have many options available, if the newly set up parliament pushes for war with Israel.


B) Monarchy totally overthrown through the revolt – just like Pahlavi Dynasty Iran. So either way, there are possibilities for Jordan to become like Iran.

If Jordanians and Saudis do join in this revolt and electing Islam-led governments {along with Ethiopia (or Sudan) Libya, Algeria, (Morocco) and other Arab states as also noted by Ezekiel 30:4-5}, what we, then, have is Israel encircled by her enemies.

What will the enemies do, once they encircle the state that they have been longing to wipe-off from the map?  Isn’t it likely to be,

Psalm 83:3-4
3. They have taken crafty counsel against Your people, And consulted together against Your sheltered ones.
4. They have said, “Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation, that the name of Israel may be remembered no more.”


4. It would be worthwhile to have a think on why U.S, from the beginning of this turmoil, has totally abandoned its support to Mubarak (and it’s now pressuring Mubarak to step down instead) – who has been Pro-West – and when it’s so obvious, that if Mubarak is thrown out, anti-West Islamic movement will engulf Egypt.  Is this really the best option for the States and E.U? I’m beginning to wonder. As examined above, change in Egypt will certainly trigger and encourage other Arab States to do the same – and the outcomes will just be like what awaits Egypt – Islam-led anti-West, anti-Israel governments everywhere. What Islamic revolution – as means to attain political control – demands is total control that surpasses any sole dictatorships – ‘democracy’, thus, is not an appropriate term in this context. Will we see another masonic slogan of hallucinating ‘liberty, equality and fraternity’ emerging across the Arab states – with only difference being that this shall be an Islamic version this time – just as they had done with France and elsewhere?


Yet, God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is faithful. God promises that in the end, He will make Egyptians and Assyrians His people with blessings through Israel (Isa. 19: 23-25) and they will come to seek and worship the LORD for He will be known to Egypt (v 21). But, He also says that He will strike Egypt (perhaps for involving itself with Psalm 83) then heal them (v 22).

The promise is given so that it holds to be fulfilled. It’s perhaps another reminder for you to turn to the Scriptures and discover what promise, through the Christ, holds for you also, if you haven’t already – for time is indeed running out.


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