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November, 2010
Two Asteroids on Rosh Hashanah?

December, 2010
Mt. Carmel Fire, Hanukkah, and Messiah



January, 2011
Signs in the Sun, in the Moon, and in the Stars


Magnetic Pole Shift or Haphazard 2012 Theories? – Dangers of Speculations and Black-or-White Thinking

Revealed Glimpses of Leviathan, Israel’s Gas Exports and the Basis for Battle of Gog and Magog


February, 2011
Prophecy on Egyptian Revolt – Rise of Islam, Encirclement of Israel and Impulse Towards Psalm 83


March, 2011
Overlooked Prospects of Post-Mubarak Middle East

Focus on What It Is Part of, Rather Than What Has Caused It


May, 2011
The Soon Resumption of Daniel’s 70th Week


July, 2011
What Pre-1967 Borders?


August, 2011
What God Has Given Altogether, Let Not Man Separate

So Then, How to Pray for Israel?


September, 2011
Prophecy on Israel’s Social Protests?

Elenin Fever, Why Unfitting and Undesirable


December, 2011
Light, Glory, Tabernacle – What 25 December Really Signifies



July, 2012
For Whom Do We Sit Under That Broom Tree?


August, 2012
If Syria Crisis Is about Isaiah 17:1, Then What about Psalm 83?

Antichrist’s Predecessor


September, 2012
Why Satan was Never a Morning Star


December, 2012
What Does It Mean to Have Independent “Palestinian” State?



January, 2013
On Blue Beam Project – Who is More Evil; The Deceiver or Being Deceived?


February, 2013
Meteor Strike and the Bible


March, 2013
Locust Prelude




November, 2015
Why Russia Could Invade Israel



January, 2016
To Halt Jesus from Coming Back Is to Wipe Israel off the Map – Rise of Anti-Semitism Biblically Examined 

February, 2016
Many Misconceptions about Satan