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Common cuckoo is known, quite boldly, to be a brood parasitic – sneaked cuckoo hatchling doesn’t have any rights to the nest of the host yet eventually takes over the nest of the host. The birth and existence of Palestine is just as such. Hence the new Fatah logo displaying land of Israel all covered in checkered pattern symbolising Palestinian nationalism. Pictured from the left is Reed Warbler feeding parasitic Cuckoo chick and the new Fatah logo. Source (Collaged): (From left) Songbirdslaughter, National post

Common Cuckoo is a bold and an inhumane bird.  Such characteristics can be seen from the moment it hatches in the nest where it doesn’t belong in the first place; the sneaked-in cuckoo hatchlings, quite often, evicts, and or kills, the eggs and offspring of the host birds from the nest, so that the grafted parasite, the cuckoo hatchling, is the all that remains and be taken care of.
Not to mention that it is the mother that ‘drops’, with intentions no other than to be irresponsible, the egg, filled with seed for evil and destruction, so that the gruesome parasitism can begin.

What is striking about parasitic cuckoo’s presumptuous parasitism is that the whole process bears a close, if not the exact same, resemblance to how ‘Palestine’ came about into an existence.


1. To begin with, the cuckoo hatchling is unidentifiable in terms of its lineage.

Current Palestinians are of mixed Arabs. This is why the last names of these mixed Arab refugees do not have any particular ethnic characteristic or ethnographical linkage to the land of  Judea or Samaria.
In fact, only a few decades ago, these refugees were able to trace their heritage back to the surrounding Middle Eastern nations where their great grandparents have originally come from. Learn more here.
This could also mean that they were no citizens of Ottoman Turk either.

2. Parasitic cuckoo females lay mimetic eggs in the nest of the host as part of camouflage effect – the parasitic egg resembles the eggs of chosen host.
It, of course, is a fake.

The name Palestine, a name which often is confused for ancient Philistine, was chosen deliberately for such purpose.
Before 1967, a term “Palestine” was even unheralded by these Arab refugees and they didn’t refer themselves as such. Nowhere in the mankind history was there ever a nation called Palestine or Palestinians. (This term was first employed by Romans to ridicule Jews, not Arabs)
Not to mention that the ancient Philistines were of Mediterranean descent, NOT the current Arabs.

Learn more: What Pre-1967 Borders?


Palestinian Myths

3. As noted above, cuckoo hatchling will, instinctively, try to eject the eggs and or offspring (or even try to kill them) of the hosts from the nest, but it has been noted that both adult cuckoos and aged cuckoo chicks are better in eliminating the eggs and or the offspring of the host. In fact, female cuckoo, before laying her egg, may also remove the eggs of the host.

Majority of Arab, and Islam dominated nations that gave birth to these Arab refugees whose fabricated name, Palestine, is no different to mimicry and a camouflaged egg of cuckoo, have attempted and is still attempting to wipe Israel off the map.
Learn more: If Syria Crisis is about Isaiah 17:1, Then What about Psalm 83?

What about Palestinians – the parasitic cuckoo hatchlings?
Just look at how many rockets that Hamas and similar militants have launched against Israeli civilians.   It’s, in fact, a miracle that Israel still stands today.
To add unilateral terrorism that PLO has carried out from its birth towards Israeli civilians, it’s uncountable.
Will the effort of mother cuckoo and her chicks to destroy Israel, the host and their chicks, continue? You bet.

4. Parasitic cuckoo hatches earlier and grows faster than that of host allowing it
to outcompete the host’s own. Quite often, the chick becomes bigger in size than the host.

Both Palestinians and Arab Israeli Muslim fertility rates are much much higher than Jews.
At current pace, by 2030, one in every four Israelis will be Arab of whom the majority will be Muslims whereas Christian Arabs are declining in number.

Also, the Arab Israeli Muslim birth rate is higher than that of surrounding Arab nations.
This is likely attributed to “superior economic situation in Israel for Muslims
which, similarly, is also accounted for that of Palestinians.
Just look at how many goods, commodities and energy that IDF transfers to inhabitants in Gaza every single day as mentioned on its twitter and other basic support, including humanitarian medical treatment that these people are granted with from Israel at Israel’s own expense. Nowhere else do these Arab refugees experience such privileges.

And so, as for Palestine, their sources tell that it’s projected their population will exceed that of Jews by the end of 2020.
Such high fertility rate by both these refugees and Arab Israeli Muslims mean their median age is younger than that of Jews and their families are bigger.
There is now even a report for Palestinian prisoners in Israel are smuggling out their sperm to impregnate their wives.

5. Cuckoo chick stimulates the host to accommodate its high growth rate by making constant rapid begging call along with its wide open mouth.

As noted above, and in the previous post,

Prophecy on Israel’s Social Protests?

supply of essential food items, energy, fertilisers, building materials and et al from Israel to these refugees are in quantities that are more than generous. Yet these refugees’ demands never seem to be satisfied, and as if that weren’t enough, they demonise Israel.
(They ought to make such demands to Arab nations – the mother cuckoo – that rejected UN partition plan and made them refugees in the first place by invading Israel)

Even more, these refugees are raised up to hate Jews and return evil for good – it’s in both their genes and education system. PA honours and glorifies the terrorists who have carried out attacks against Israeli civilians. Hamas plans to open military school to train Jihad.
Palestinian prisoners in Israel jails were fasting to pressurise the Israeli government and the demand is becoming louder and louder.

6. Whether the host parent accepts the cuckoo hatchling or not, the clutch of the host is destroyed in any events.
If the host parent doesn’t notice cuckoo egg has been sneaked in, the hatched cuckoo will do as described above.
If the host, however, does notice the cuckoo egg in earlier phase and eliminates it, then, it’s been observed, the parent cuckoo will retaliate by destroying the clutch of the host that rejected the cuckoo egg.

Now compare this with the new Fatah logo – land of Judah and Samaria all covered in checkered pattern – image redolent of the checkered keffiyeh scarf that Yasser Arafat wore in symbolising Palestinian nationalism which justifies terrorism against Jews as originated by 1936-39 nationalistic Arab revolt in Palestine.    There is no Israel to be seen in the logo.

Previous emblem of Fatah wasn’t much different – it had a map of Israel all covered in green – the official colour of Islam. Again, there was no sense at all of Israel co-existing with them.
Not to mention some of Fatah’s charter includes eradication of Jewish existence in whatever means possible.

Also more on: What Does It Mean to Have Independent “Palestinian” State?

Just as the cuckoo will NOT allow nestling of the host to peacefully co-exist with itself, so won’t these Palestinian Arab refugees.

We talked enough about mother and the cuckoo hatchling.
What, then, about father cuckoos?


7. To ensure sufficient gene flow among different maternal lines, male common cuckoos fertilises multiple females of all lines.

This is what EU is currently doing – EU has been funding PA, Hamas, institutions in Palestine and anti-Semitic NGOs for decades of which these recipients use to organise Jihad activities against Israel.

Most of EU’s funds for Palestinians go through United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) where many well-known Jihad terrorists – from Hamas rockets maker to Hamas interior minister – astonishingly work for this UN agency.  No wonder UNRWA schools commemorated “martyrs” of Jihad terrorists, and textbooks (as well as television channels) funded by EU in these Palestinian schools openly teach for the need of Jihad against Jews.  Leaped evolution is mirrored at EU funded Al-Najah university where promotion of armed struggle and recruiting suicide bombers against Jews are publicly endorsed.
EU and UN both know this well, and yet EU has funded a total of €29 million to UNRWA’s programme alone in the last 7 years.

Not only so, EU continues to fund PA in the name of all good humanitarian cause though the funds are actually used to either finance the families of “Jihad martyrs”, support rich members of PA which perpetuates corruption, campaign in wiping out Jews or extremely anti-Semitic NGOs, etc. and it all costs EU €500 million.  For more details, read “How Much Does the War On Israel Cost Europe?” by Giulio Meotti.

No wonder then, in similar logic, EU would NOT want to designate Hezbollah as a terrorist group and anti-Semitism in Europe, ironically, is continuing to rise.

Contrastively, what we hear is that the German parliament rejected pension payments to former Jewish labourers in Nazi-era ghettos or EU’s double standard human rights policy towards Israel in constantly criticising Israel which sometimes involve boycotts to respect Palestinians’ rights of which EU would never ask Palestinians to abide.

What kind of human rights policy ever asks to treat one party fairly (and we’ve seen from above that Israel does more than they need to ensure their well-being) at the expense of abusing the other?    Why does EU never ask the Arab nations who made these people into refugees in the first place to be responsible when they should be?

8.  Male cuckoo is also known to lure hosts away from their nest in providing the female a chance to lay parasitic egg in the nest.

To fetter Israel is, as we’ve seen, to launch one-sided policy for Palestinians that in turn abuse Israeli’s rights to live or to openly criticise Israel on the media.
By applying such harassing tactic to, as well as pressurising, Israel, EU is earning a plenty of time for the laid cuckoo egg to hatch and carry out elimination of the host nestlings.

It is thus an abominable picture for a male cuckoo called EU to call for a peace or discuss ‘human rights’ in the middle east at the virulent sacrifice of vulnerable host bird called Israel when the male cuckoo, just as the female – the Arabs, has only one goal – to produce offspring filled with evil that is to be raised by the host and that the offspring destroys the original heirs of the nest – the Jews.


The processes to evict, eject, erase, and or destroy the Jews from existence in the nest of Israel, which Jews have legally formed, by both the mother and the distant father parasitic cuckoos and already hatched cuckoo chicks whose rapid growth is making its’ presence already threatening as we’ve seen is quite instinctive – it’s in their DNA.
Just like her parents, the cuckoo hatchling does not have any interests in peacefully coexisting with the host nestling but to destroy them totally.  And it is written;

Micah 4:11-13
11.  Now also many nations have gathered against you, who say, “Let her be defiled, and let our eye look upon Zion.”
12.  But they do not know the thoughts of the LORD, nor do they understand His counsel; for He will gather them like sheaves to the threshing floor.
13.  “Arise and thresh, O daughter of Zion; for I will make your horn iron, and I will make your hooves bronze; you shall beat in pieces many peoples; I will consecrate their gain to the LORD,  and their substance to the Lord of the whole earth.”

Irony, of course, is current evil that is practiced against the Jews by the cuckoo hatchling called Palestinians and her parents is obviously done at an ignorance of the fact that the Lord, in fact, is gathering them like sheaves to the threshing floor to judge. And when that time comes, the Bible confirms once again, they, the cuckoo family and the cuckoo advocates altogether, will receive the cup of trembling, the cup of His fury (Isaiah 51:22-23) as they should.


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