What Does It Mean to Have Independent “Palestinian” State?

Symbolic the creation of the statehood may be at this juncture, no one, however, can deny that it’s a stepping stone towards much to come.
Frankly, it will be not just anything to come, but worse.

How iniquitous the creation of independent “Palestinian” state is, and not forgetting when this was proposed by Israel to them six decades ago it was these Arab refugees who turned it down, whether in form of a non-member observer or a permanent member in UN, has, on this blog alone, been stressed more than enough. However, for the sake of imminent outlook that lays ahead let us examine what it really means to have such and what has been ignored by the most in the process.


Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Trudy Rubin made an interesting observation on why, politically, PA had to push for the plan and this perhaps was the best for Israel for, otherwise, Hamas’ ever growing predominance (partly due to Abbas’ incompetency in addressing unemployment, corruption, etc) would have threw out the only “talkable” PA altogether. Now that Israel has seized $120m in Tax Revenue to Palestinian Authority as a retaliative measure (PA owes debts to Israel anyway), PA, Rubin further noted, could not resist Hamas’ influence in West Bank or perhaps align with Hamas, for Hamas, in any event, is set to receive more spotlights in and out henceforward.
This means pre-1967 borders have become more deadly if actualised in such. Though insightful, what Rubin overlooked is that PLO, and let alone PA, much like Hamas, was founded in aim of destructing Jews. Those goals are clearly indicated on Fatah’s charter till this day. And PA still does NOT want to recognise Jewish state of Israel. Statehood upgrade, then, will make them impervious to responsibilities of them avoiding peace talks.

Compare the pre-1967 borders with that of current rocket ranges of Hamas. If Hamas also gains West Bank, then Tel Aviv becomes under its target range.  Source (Collaged): (From left)  Globalsecurity.org via BBC, Telegraph
Compare the pre-1967 borders with that of current rocket range of Hamas.
If Hamas also gains West Bank, then Tel Aviv becomes under its target range.
Source (Collaged): (From left) Globalsecurity.org via BBC, Telegraph


When Abbas took same plan to the Security Council last year for recognition of a state, Hamas opposed. This time, Hamas, along with other terrorist militants, fully supported the plan with the state based on pre 1967 borders – only soon after having caused 8 day of conflicts with Israel. Why?
Israel retreating back to pre-1967 borders as a result of the creation of a
Palestinian state, or be globally pressured to do so, would mean Israel’s final defence line from Hamas’ and its partners’ rocket attacks to be crumbled. It would bring residents in Tel Aviv under rocket target range of Hamas if they also gain West Bank.

Learn more: What Pre-1967 Borders?


Again, term “Palestine”, which quite deliberately reminds of Philistine that was totally destructed by Alexander the Great long, long ago, to be applied to current mixed Arab refugees is illegitimate. Despite this, their unilateral push to be recognised as a state (and we’ve noted before how nonsensical this creation is) means eliminating future chances of peace talks altogether. This is why UK abstained from the vote rather than voting it for.
Abbas also consistently refused to accept Jewish state of Israel, hence refusing any peace agreements with Israel. It’s inveterate; this will hardly change.

When they were an entity, Israel had all sorts of difficulties. How much more difficulties they would bring by transforming themselves as a state is not difficult to foresee. Thus, setting more ideal and coherent basis for an Antichrist to be installed.

Shift in legitimacy and authority of demands, no matter how nonsensical, bold and untrue it may be, from the new state status of “Palestine” against Israel will differ from the past in terms of weight.
Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat already noted this.


All the former non-member observer states, 16 of them, including
Austria, Bangladesh, Finland, Germany (both West and East) Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Monaco, North Korea, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Vietnam (both North and South) are now full members of UN.

Saeb Erekat noted to Xinhua:

“The draft of the bid also asserted that the Palestinians are committed to the negotiations on the permanent status issues, mainly the refugees’ right of return, Jerusalem, settlement, security and borders, and also committed to all related international resolutions.”


According to BBC’s article published on 28 November,

“The Palestinians argue that admission even as a non-member observer state at the UN would strengthen their hands in peace talks with Israel on core issues that divide them: the status of Jerusalem, the fate of the settlements, the precise location of borders, the right of return of Palestinian refugees, water rights and security arrangements. The Palestinians present the step as necessary to protect their right to self-determination and a two-state solution.”

Rights to their self-determination and security arrangements in current milieu which is favourable for Hamas, not PA or PLO, would literally mean boosting Hamas and Gaza militants up in their arms. Moreover, if the diplomacy is what they really wanted, then one does not need to boost arms.

Their next move, in addition to attempting to take Israel to International Criminal Court on “war crimes”, could be laying charges against Israel to lift the ban on restricted items so that PLO can both inadvertently and intentionally help Hamas and militants gear up like Hezbollah.


One thing that has been seriously undermined as a result of 29 November vote, is the Israel’s right to exist. All the draft resolution stressed was ‘Palestinian’s’ right to exist and two-state solution based on pre-1967 borders which as noted above is absolutely lethal to security of those who dwell in Israel, both Jews and Arabs alike.

Israel has never denied their right to exist. For this, however, to work, it’s vital that PA recognises Israeli right to exist by accepting Jewish state of Israel of which PA has refused all along. In fact their goal prohibits them to do so.


When Abbas refused the option of not to bring Israel to International Criminal Court meaning that they eventually will and the majority of the nations, ignoring this, have done “Palestinians” a favour in cheer means they too want Israel to be dragged to ICC and face false allegations, and perhaps be punished too, that Israel doesn’t deserve in a first place.
When Israel, however, goes for settlement the whole world erupts and reprehends and rebukes Israel with inimical stares. Let truth, then, be told; there was and is no peaceful two state solution ever feasible, there is only one solution and one goal that the world and ingrate Palestinians want gratis – having one “Palestine” state only with Israel out of the map.

Thus, God’s judgement as indicated by Joel 3 for dividing Israel became much more tangible.


Coupled with “gaining” rights to all of Gaza and West Bank, including post 1967  Israeli settlements made there, Abbas insisted, before and throughout, on East Jerusalem to be their capital.
Again, this means the nations who have voted for the statehood recognition also tacitly endorsed partitioning Jerusalem. We also now have a better picture of prophecy in Zechariah 12.

Zechariah 12:2-3, 9
2. “Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of drunkenness to all the surrounding peoples, when they lay siege against Judah and Jerusalem.
3. And it shall happen in that day that I will make Jerusalem a very heavy stone for all peoples; all who would heave it away will surely be cut in pieces, though all nations of the earth are gathered against it.
9. It shall be in that day that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.

Indeed, nations shall surely assemble against Israel and those who do so shall surely fall for Israel’s sake. No weapons formed against Israel shall prosper and every tongue that rises against her in judgement, the King of kings, and Lord of all lords, Yeshua shall condemn (Isaiah 54:15-17), Amen.


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