Antichrist’s Predecessor

Are Ezekiel 30:10, Jeremiah 43:12 and Daniel 11:40 alluding to a figure that is yet to come?

Nebuchadnezzar was a prefigurement of the antichrist to come. Picture from iam733.


During the Egyptian revolt in 2011, I wrote an article on Biblical perspective of the event by adding onto Bill Salus’ findings. In compiling, it mentioned Nebuchadnezzar II from the quoted verses is likely to be referring to a foreshadowing Antichrist of which I shall expand below. The purpose of this post shall become more apparent at the follow-up post, but for now, when examined in its own right, we shall see that some parallel predictions from the Major Prophets in regards to Nebuchadnezzar II (henceforward referred as ‘Nebuchadnezzar’) indeed have strong signs of secondary application to the Antichrist to be made.
Let us examine these. (Note: points 1-5 have been noted in the previous article)

1. The head of the Babylon the Great – Nebuchadnezzar’s kingdom was Babylon the Great (Symbolically parallel to Revelation 17) and it was global, as the authority the God has given him was of such. (Daniel 2:37-38, 4:22, 5:18-19) Such foreshadowing is cogent when we see how Jeremiah 50 and 51 which talk about the fall of Babylon mirrors Revelation 18.

2. Invaded Jerusalem and the First Temple – What Antiochus IV Epiphanes, another prefigured Antichrist (Daniel 8:9, 9:27), has done in similar yet a different context, Nebuchadnezzar predated it. It is not far-fetched to expect the similar of the Antichrist to come.

3. He himself is the wicked authority – Prophet Daniel directly pointed out that Nebuchadnezzar himself (and his ‘global’ kingdom at the time) was the golden head of statue (symbolic representation of kingdoms of Antichrists) that Nebuchadnezzar dreamt. (Daniel 2:38-39)

4. Nebuchadnezzar exalted himself above God (Isaiah 14:13-14) – as seen with making a golden statue/image to be worshipped (Daniel 3) and equating himself and his god with the God (Daniel 3:15). We also know whosoever didn’t worship the statue (image) were to be executed. (Parallel to Revelation 13:6-15)

5. Becoming of a ‘beast’ for 7 years – Nebuchadnezzar, later became a ‘beast’ (possibly through, if we are to describe what God has done it through terms of psychology, insania zoanthropica) for ‘seven’ years (Daniel 4) which reminds of 7 years of tribulation to come. Of course, he later recovers. (Daniel 4:34). Though in a different timing we are to expect a ‘beast’ to come being ‘recovered’ at one point as well (Revelation 13:3).

Now to add more:

6. Nebuchadnezzar’s kingdom to be destroyed in the end – A stone cut out of the mountain without hands (Daniel 2:34, 44-45) – that is, undoubtedly the Christ and or His Kingdom in the end – shall destroy the kingdoms of the Antichrists, with Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylon, for it was the golden head, inevitably included. Barnes adds that there would be a “sense of continued smiting rather than a single concussion” so that it’s ground to powder.

7. A tree to be cut down – The above point is once again affirmed through the connections of latter part of Isaiah 14:12 and Daniel 4:10-26. This, perhaps, requires more explanation at the follow up article, if applicable.

8. Fed defiled foods to the chosen – Antiochus IV, another type of Antichrist, decreed that Jews should not only sacrifice pigs to Greek gods but to eat them as well. Let alone other things he had outlawed in order for the chosen people to relinquish their faith. Similar account, we find in Daniel 1:5 where Daniel and his three friends were fed with portion of King’s delicacies that Nebuchadnezzar appointed in the aim to naturalise the captives of which would have included the articles that were unclean under the Law (Daniel 1:8).
We are told in Daniel 7:25 that the Antichrist shall intend to change times and law and in both 8:11 and 9:27 (of which the “first historical fulfilling” as Keil & Delitzsch have noted was done through Antiochus) we also see the similar.

9. Knew what his fate would be – Nebuchadnezzar was repeatedly warned in advance on what the consequence would be (Dan 2:28-30, 37-47; 3:15, 26-29; 4:2-37; 5:18-21) should he forget Who set him up in his place and continue in his wicked ways in front of God. Same is true of the Antichrist to come – 66 books of Bible, indicating what are to come, is complete and there cannot be excuses.

10. Will also advocate Unitarian Universalism, polytheism and pantheism – Along with equaling himself with the God, we also saw Nebuchadnezzar’s polytheistic views (Dan 3:12-18). This shall be, to an extent, also true of the Antichrist to come which requires, again, a further study later on.


As if the above aren’t enough, we also have prophecies from the Major Prophets that refer to Nebuchadnezzar, yet whether they have been fulfilled in the light of history we cannot confirm which tells, and affirms, once again that Nebuchadnezzar was indeed used as an alluding figure for the Antichrist at the end. These are Ezekiel 30:10, Jeremiah 43:12 and Daniel 11:40. Ezekiel 30:10, I’ve already noted some time ago with how mentioning of Nebuchadnezzar there seems to be related to the ‘cruel lord’ mentioned in Isaiah 19:4 and how we do not have historical evidence on Nebuchadnezzar fully conquering Egypt as depicted. Similar, over different expeditions, is seen with Jeremiah 43:12.
And then, similarly once again, we have Daniel 11:40 which, in historic sense, contains too much conundrums if it is to be applied to Antiochus IV, where the king of the South, undoubtedly refers to Egypt.
As to why we cannot verify historic support of prophecies against Egypt in these passages involving either Nebuchadnezzar or Antiochus we don’t know, but what we do know is, as we have observed from the top, if these passages, as means of an allegorisation, are referring to the Antichrist to come (for we know God’s words cannot be only ‘partly’ fulfilled) then we have a different picture, and interestingly enough, it seems to suggest that quite well.


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