So Then, How to Pray for Israel?

Now that what this September holds for Israel may be in line with what the Bible predicts, everything, it’s hardly necessary to say, will move just as God had said.
If not, how else can the Bible be fulfilled?

Yet, at the same time, importance of intercessory prayer from the Church for Israel is always paramount, for the Church, as mentioned before, has a role to make them to be jealous (as in ‘holy’ emulation) so that they turn to Christ. (Romans 11:11, 14-15)

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: “May they prosper who love you.” (Psalms 122:6) Picture from: Closerdaybyday

 So how do we, then, pray for Israel?

1) A prayer that fits into God’s will, simply and literally, is a prayer that asks God’s will, again simply and literally, to be done. (Luke 22:42 and parallels)
For everything will be done according to His will. Amen.

[Isaiah 14:24] The LORD of hosts has sworn, saying, “Surely, as I have thought, so it shall come to pass, and as I have purposed, so it shall stand:

[Isaiah 46:10] Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times things that are not yet done, saying, “My counsel shall stand, and I will do all My pleasure,

That being said, “Lord, please remove the anti-Christ now!” type of prayer will never fit in.

2) Likewise, for the remnants of Jacob to realise Jesus was, is and will be their Messiah, will take time. Thus, I personally don’t think it’s a good idea to set a specific time frame in a prayer – it’s something that God has to do, not us. Step-by-step prayer for their eyes and ears to open, and asking barriers such as vast amount of misunderstandings and wounds that they bear from Christianity in historical sense, to be removed, I think, is biblical.

Also pray for our Messianic Jewish brothers and sisters in Christ, who are in this very front-line, and equally for Christian ministries in Israel whom God is delighted with.

3) We ought to pray that the Great Tribulation (i.e., latter 3 and half years) or also known as the Jacob’s trouble should be shortened.
Sounds bit unusual. This, nonetheless, is a valid prayer for the recorded says:

[Matthew 24:22] And unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved; but for the elect’s sake those days will be shortened.

[Mark 13:20] And unless the Lord had shortened those days, no flesh would be saved; but for the elect’s sake, whom He chose, He shortened the days.

This is not just for Jews. It’s also for the left behind people.

4) Satan’s strategy is to extinguish all Jewish people. If this is done, I know how this may sound strange, then he can prevent Jesus from returning for it has been noted:

[Matthew 10:23] When they persecute you in this city, flee to another. For assuredly, I say to you, you will not have gone through the cities of Israel before the Son of Man comes.

As mentioned previously in “The Soon Resumption of Daniel’s 70th Week“, for Jesus to come back, the re-establishment of Israel as a nation is a pre-requisite.
Needless to say, people of Israel must constitute the nation and inhabit them.

This verse, just like the Parable of ‘the’ Fig Tree, I see it as a crucial key in
determining the end.

Now, if it is a pre-requisite and if Satan demolishes it, then, in reversed logic, it’s possible for Satan to prevent Jesus to come back.

God, however, would never allow that. And in the course of it, He will lead us in our prayers to work for good. (Romans 8:28) So pray for the safety of Israel.

In that milieu, not only those who fire rockets and missiles to civilians in Israel are evil, but those who demand Israel to get back to pre-1967 border lines in situation like this, which is basically asking Jews to commit a suicide are also, or even more, evil. May God repay them according to their works.

Many of us, it seems, do, but in case some of us have been ‘lazy’, keeping an eye on news developments on Israel, God’s timepiece, or a barometer, is a good starting point to narrow down for a prayer material at the required time. He will surely lead, if you seek. (Matthew 7:7-8)

5) What is good for Israel, consequently, is also good for the world.

[Psalms 134:3] The LORD who made heaven and earth bless you from Zion!

Many are misled on the ‘existence of Israel’ and based on this, hatred towards Jews are accumulated.

Existence of the nation of “Palestine” (not to mention the justification of it) is the greatest lie there is in the history of mankind. These “Palestinian” Arab refugees who are not even genetically related to ancient Philistines (who were originally of an Aegean (Greece) decent, and no longer exists) do not have any historical, legal, geographical, social, cultural, genetic or habitational links or roots or rights to the land of Judea and Samaria – Israel.

Yet, what do we see all the time?  Israel is demonised, distorted and hated as a bold villain who have stolen the land and life of others, when it’s the very opposite.
As if that were not enough, Israel is compared to an apartheid state and Jews to Nazis.

Superficial misunderstandings are bound to create undesired struggles.

Many nations, according to Joel 3:1-2, will partake in dividing Israel and, consequently, be called to God’s judgement. It is, thus, our role as ambassadors of Christ, who are given the ministry of reconciliation to reconcile the world to Christ (2 Corinthians 5:18-20), to pray that many will realise the truth and turn away from anti-Semitism, and to share what we know in where we can.

[Psalms 122:6] Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: “May they prosper who love you.


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