Focus on What it is Part of, Rather than What has Caused it

3 days after the earthquake in Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture Japan. Source: Kyodo / Yonhap News

As the devastating earthquake hit Japan on 11 March, I, coincidentally, was able to witness the tsunami wave sweeping the fields in city of Sendai as it happened live through breaking coverage on NHK broadcasting – it turned out that I switched channel to NHK when tsunami was literally engulfing the every human traces there were – and swiftly ebbing away only to leave piled debris behind.
Predictably, ‘conspiracy theorists’ have soon after begun to argue whether it was the work of HAARP or not.


What is interesting is that mass number of dead whales was washed ashore in New Zealand before Christchurch earthquake in February, and the similar was seen with north-east Japan’s 8.9 earthquake – around 50 whales were washed ashore and about 30 died 5 days prior to the devastating earthquake.  This may just as well explain the abrupt change in earth’s magnetic field.

If, and only if, it was the deliberate work of HAARP then one could suppose for the possible cause as follows:

1) Perhaps to bring about total control in food market including North East Asia.
If I recall correctly, I remember Japan recently banning import of GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) agricultural products. What choices does Japan now have considering not only quite number of fields was destroyed due to tsunami + radiation contamination on the other food products, but budget needed in recovering just also will not allow Japan to continue promote overseas farm investments to ensure stable supply? Their decision on banning GMO products may have to be inverted.

2) Perhaps to boost gas/oil consumption. Nuclear power is one of the most cost effective power supplies. Now that fear of radioactivity in case of disaster hitting nuclear power plant just as seen with Fukushima and Chernobyl spread all over, power supply based on gas/oil or even coal will have to dominate. Now who benefits most if gas/oil consumptions go up?

And reconstruction effort will create another business opportunity, strengthening yen may benefit others, surging oil prices may benefit the others etc, etc.

Whether it has been triggered by a ‘supermoon’, effect of enlarged sunspot, a HAARP or whatever else, these possibilities, whilst useful for the sake of reference, are never worthwhile per se, as it is ought to be stressed for time to time, for these do neither justify the cause of the end nor is it the ultimate reason for the end.

It is not that difficult to witness non believers who feeds on these possibilities becoming cynical, and Christians living in the end of the end times ought to remain alert and stay awake, not necessarily to become cynical.


But more importantly, soon after the report of the earthquake, tsunami and increasing level of radiation from Fukushima went out as breaking news worldwide, one pastor leading the prayer meeting suggested that the church should pray for Japan – saying something like “it remains unknown why these had to happen, but let us pray for them”. Sympathy based on humanitarianism and the goodwill of interceding prayer for non-believers, anyone could understand, but attitudes such as ‘we need to define the cause, but we cannot know!’ will neither help, for it is insufficient, nor is it of Christianity.

And then, there was another reaction – “God show us Your presence that You are with us in times like these!”  Since when did God disappear? Did you, who claimed to be a Christian, not know that these and things worse than these had to happen and will happen? Worse, did you not believe in the Bible?

As to why such devastating quake had to happen and its aftermath took and affecting many lives in Japan at this very point remains unknown and it’s not for us to define, but as to why these things had to and will continue to happen have been already revealed in the Bible concerning Christ’s Second Coming and the end of the world.

Christians who are to root faith on the resurrection and Christ’s Second Coming cannot make themselves not to see the forest for the trees; it is not the role for Christians to define the cause of each catastrophe down to little details. Rather, we ought to retain the sight for the larger (and also the largest to an incomparable degree) issue (that is, Christ’s Second Coming) and hence understand what these are part of.

Will it be just Christchurch, Tohoku Japan and Myanmar earthquakes?
Will unrests be just in Libya, Yemen and Syria?
Will the increase level in radiation be just confined to Fukushima?

I’m recently reminded again that the gist of the God’s words is prophecy, and the fact that He has revealed these things ahead of the time is purposed for you to believe in Him, the Christ and to, consequently, follow His words in turn.

[Mark 13:23] But take heed; see, I have told you all things beforehand.

[John 13:19] Now I tell you before it comes, that when it does come to pass, you may believe that I am He.

[Context on John 13:19, of course, is about Jesus’ prediction on betrayal by Judas, but the essence, as well as the principle, of foretelling, nonetheless, is there. (Matthew 24:25)]

Now, it is recorded in Hebrews 12:26-29
26.  whose voice then shook the earth; but now He has promised, saying, “Yet once more I shake not only the earth, but also heaven.”

27. Now this, “Yet once more,” indicates the removal of those things that are being shaken, as of things that are made, that the things which cannot be shaken may remain.
28. Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom which cannot be shaken, let us have grace, by which we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear.
29.  For our God is a consuming fire.

What does this mean?
The final shaking of the world remains; it’s inevitable.
Disasters we see, then, are signaling the beginning of this shaking; the sorrow or the birth pangs (Matt 24:8,Mark 13:8)

Moreover, it is recorded;

[2 Peter 3:7] But the heavens and the earth which are now preserved by the same word, are reserved for fire until the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men.

Despite such, we, the Christians, receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, and if we are to further realise that these signs of beginning of ‘shaking’ only reaffirm that we are in the process of receiving it, we are to give thanks and have a greater reverence and fear for God.
Many Christians often forget that when seeking His kingdom and His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven, the process inevitably involves destruction of this corrupt and sinful world.

Equally, what will be revealed in the process of shaking is who has been a faithful and a wise Christian and who were not; recall the parable that the Christ used from Matthew 7:24-27 – a wise one would have practiced Christ’s words (v 24) for he have trusted Christ so that such person is like a person who had built house on the solid rock (that is, the Christ) so when shaking, which, as we have observed in the above, is inevitable, comes, it remains unshaken (v 25) whereas the unwise would have heard Christ’s words but did not practice them (v 26) is like a person who had built house on sands that it shall be destructed when the shaking comes (v 27).


And so, if the church that were called to be the salt and the light to this hopeless world is unable to explain what these catastrophes are part of and what awaits for this world to non-believers and those who claim to be “believers” likewise, then that becomes the greatest disaster of all, for it is obvious, then, the church and non-believers likewise shall be swept away in the destruction as they were unable to prepare. (not just of flesh, but of spirit too)

If the end (or the shaking) of this world is inevitable and unchangeable,
and in the process so are the disasters and calamities,
and moreover if inevitability of disasters to take place were recorded ahead of time so that one would know what these would mean and how can they prepare for it,
then it’s pointless for one to look back on what has already taken place.
Rather, Christians ought to be practical and progressive in:

1)  Praying continually that God’s will to be done no matter what for we are called to do so

2)  Looking onto Christ and unification with Him as these are also awakening calls for Christians to prepare

3)  Sharing the good news of the Gospel and what these disasters are part of (that is, part of Second Coming of the Christ) with the non-believers and confused Christians, so that they can participate, and be part of, in our hope in Christ which will finally come through resurrection.


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